Peter Horn, Mercurius 2, detail Margaret Jones, Pomegranate, detail Sue Weir, Hampden I, detail Joan Baxter, Odin Journeying, detail Murray Gibson, Three Fates, Atropos

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24. Continental Shims, 25½ in x 12½ in, 2013, photo: John Blake. Strip weaving. Natural and synthetic threads, ribbons and velveteen cloth.

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Debra DuBois, "Valentine" (2015), 16" x 48"

In my weaving I try to achieve a simple elegance paying particular attention to clean lines….Read More

Tea Okropiridze, "Decorative Stilllife" (2002), 25" x 19.5"

I view art as a language uniquely suited to serve us in ways a verbal language cannot… Read More