Pamela Davis, 'The Clearance Dance' (fragm.) Silvia Heyden, 'Rhythmic Tapestry' (fragm.) Alex Friedman, 'Dynamic Energy' (fragm.) Pat Wiliams, 'Failure to Communicate' (fragm.) Michael F. Rohde, 'Medicine Buddha' (fragm.)

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a non-profit organization supporting the fine arts medium of contemporary handwoven tapestry.

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Rebecca Mezoff "Emergence II" 2010, 44" x 44"

How did you discover tapestry? 

Read how these artists began their tapestry journeys.  Then tell us how you fell in love with tapestry…
Lynn Mayne, "Water's Edginess" (2012), 10" x 10"

Winged Things have been my main focus for the last eight years. Read more.

Lawrence and Judith Romiti, "Moon over Tahoe" (2012), 30" x 66"

Our compositions rely on the finest quality, natural fibers of sheep (…) Read more.

Betty Hilton-Nash, "Urban Decay" (2012), 28" x 36"  $3000

Betty Hilton-Nash began her tapestry career in 1991, working for a year as an apprentice/contract weaver (…) Read more.

Gabriella Hajnal, Blind People

This TEx Gallery exhibition is part of the Laffer Curatorial Program and was curated by Edit András, art historian and art critic. View the show.…