Pamela Davis, 'The Clearance Dance' (fragm.) Silvia Heyden, 'Rhythmic Tapestry' (fragm.) Alex Friedman, 'Dynamic Energy' (fragm.) Pat Wiliams, 'Failure to Communicate' (fragm.) Michael F. Rohde, 'Medicine Buddha' (fragm.)

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Becky Stevens, "Wild Fire" (2013), 24" x 18": $2000

In the late 1980’s I became aware of contemporary tapestries at HGA’s Convergence/ Chicago and Convergence/ Toronto… Read more.

Sherri Woodard Coffey, "Door" (2014), 50" x 28"

Bold colors and abstract patterns are the driving force in my work…Read More.…

Congratulations to Joy Lange for receiving the Award for Excellence for her tapestry, “Echos,” which was exhibited in Fibers through Time, at the Riverside Federation Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona.…

Convergence 2014 - July 14-19, 2014  Providence, Rhode Island

July 17, 2014 5:00 – 9:00pm  Join us at the opening reception for
UNTITLED/UNJURIED: small format tapestry 2014. This will be ATA’s Networking event for 2014 Convergence. URI Feinstein Providence