Elke Hülse
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Elke Hülse’s Statement

Over the past few years, I have devoted myself to translate the language of photography to the tapestry. Every time I confront a new picture, but at the same time well-guarded, I realize how much it is strange to my domains. Perhaps because until then it had affective elements that made us close, but why choose a specific picture to be translated into tapestry? At the time of the choice, I realize as an event and start to observe, record and get familiar with its composition, its colors, possible textures, elements, as figure and background, and mentally translate into the language of tapestry. Assume that the memory of the previous experience of in tune with the current experience to unfold in a new event.

Elke Hülse’s Biography

Born in 1961; Blumenau, Brazil. Undergraduate in Visual Arts,  1983 and the Masters in Art History, at UDESC in 2009. Had the first contact with the tapestry technique on a high loom at the Ernesto Aroztegui’s workshop in 1982.  Participated at the Jean Pierre Larochette’s workshop in Florianópolis, Brazil, 1995/96. Participated at the Sarah Swett and Larochette’s workshop in El Tuito, Mexico in 2011 and another meeting in El Tuito in 2013. Has a tapestry group, The Catarinas, about 13 years and take tapestry classes at the University.
Recent group exhibitions: 2016 – Cordis Tapestry Prize and Exhibition at Royal Scottish Academy in Edimburgh Scottland; 2014 – American Tapestry Biennial 10 in USA; 2014 – 8th International Fiberart From Lausanne to Beijing, Nantong/China; 2014 – Scythia 10th International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art, Kherson/Ukraine; 2013 – Interweaving Cultures, Peter Gray Galery, Puerto Vallarta/Mexico; 2012 – Violeta Recoleta, Buenos Aires/Argentina; 2012 – Triennial of  Mini Textiles, Szombathely/Hungary; 2012 – X° International Exhibition Mini Textile, Angers/ France; 2013 – Outside the Line, Handforth Gallery,Tacoma/USA; 
Recent Individual Exhibitions: 2014 – The Image, The Punctum, The Facture – Municipal Gallery, Florianópolis/Brazil; 2013