Patricia Dunn
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Patricia Dunn’s Statement

The creative process, for me, results from the question: how would I weave that? The “that” is the moment of connection with inspiration. From the beginning times of my artistic expression, it has been so, although I understand it differently now. It may be that I am in a natural setting, something catches my eye causing an emotional and/or physical response. Or I may be viewing art, listening to music, reading something or talking with someone. It happens, I experience a “tug”. I pay attention. Why have I responded to this stimulus? I ask myself, can I find expression for that inspiration? I then ask myself: do I want to?

Patricia Dunn’s Biography

I grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York, graduated from college, attended graduate school, got married, had two children, and volunteered in our community in the mountains west of Denver, Colorado. After my husband retired, having traveled together and separately to Mexico for many years, we moved to Zacatecas, a colonial city in the desert and mountains of north central Mexico.

I consider that essentially relationships are the most important part of life. Thus I see myself as woman. . .also as wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, in-law, relative and friend. As well, reading, traveling, exploring Zacatecas and Mexico, cooking, listening to music, walking and weaving are important. Mythology has been a focus of interest for some time. Weaving tapestries and exploring other fiber expressions are essential.