ATA Workshops

ATA sponsors workshops in most odd numbered years. The workshops feature talented tapestry weavers with significant teaching experience. We are thrilled to announce our  2017 workshop:

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Tapestry Weaving: techniques for your toolkit

Taught by Tricia Goldberg

Tricia Goldberg, "Stamps" 36" x 48"

Tricia Goldberg, “Stamps” 36″ x 48″

Karen-Snow Farm

Tricia’s student cutting off her tapestry.










Join us in San Jose, California January 26 – 28, 2017

Immerse yourself in tapestry weaving. This class is designed both for the beginning weaver who has little or no experience with tapestry and for the more experienced tapestry weaver who wants to learn new techniques. This workshop offers something for everyone. What an opportunity!

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