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  • Janette Meetze, "Red Dirt Days: Journey Through 2014," detail

  • Gunilla Petersson, "Landscape," detail

  • Cecilia Blomberg, "Point Defiance Steps," detail

  • Linda Wallace, "The Journey Back," detail

  • Joyce Hayes, "Etude #8," detail

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2018 Blog Tour! We invite you to join the trek through the world-wide-web of weaving, delving into dynamic posts by weaver-bloggers, Ellen Bruxvoot, Barbara Burns, Molly Elkind, Debbie Herd and Tommye Scanlin. By engaging with the tour, …

Intent to participate deadline is February 15, 2018. The Biggest Little Tapestries in the World! – the 12th international, small format unjuried tapestry exhibition. Everyone’s tapestry is accepted. All participants receive a free catalog. Return shipping is included in the
Brand new article called Choosing warp and weft: once again and some new stuff! by Kathe Todd-Hooker

This article has tons of information on warp and weft questions weavers may have. Topics such as materials, warp setts, classic proportions and

Connie Lippert

“Undullating Parallelogram”
16″ x 14″

Artist page here


Janet Clark was ATA’s first Weaving the Future grant recipient. Janet taught Sally Reckert to weave, and in turn Sally uses those skills to teach tapestry weaving to children at craft fairs as well as other locations.
ATA’s Weaving the …

Straight from our August 2017 Newsletter:

Continuing Thread
Deadline: January 15, 2018

Do you, Leonardo da Vinci, Emily Dickinson, Goethe, Eleanor Roosevelt, Charles Dickens, and Maya Angelou have anything in common? If you are an accomplished tapestry weaver who unceasingly

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