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  • Janette Meetze, "Red Dirt Days: Journey Through 2014," detail

  • Gunilla Petersson, "Landscape," detail

  • Cecilia Blomberg, "Point Defiance Steps," detail

  • Linda Wallace, "The Journey Back," detail

  • Joyce Hayes, "Etude #8," detail

Featured News

Katherine Lavocat “has a very particular way of weaving her tapestries, playing with the warp to get vibrations and relief, using hand-spun wool with touches of sisal, silk and nylon, and preparing her own natural dyes.” Curator Marie-Thumette Brichard. View

Mary Zicafoose, "Mountain for the Buddha: Chroma" (2017), 54" x 68"

My image making is based on geometric and metaphysical symbols, saturated with color frequency, technically layered using a complex ethnic textile process called ikat.View Mary Zicafoose’s Artist Page.…

Elizabeth Vezeau, "Ocean's Edge" (2017), 8.25" x 8.25" on 16" x 20" frame

“Designing and weaving tapestries has become a creative outlet for my love of the color and texture of fibers.” View Elizabeth Vezeau’s Artist Page.…

Dorothea Van De Winkel, "Tornado In The Field II" (2016), 73" x 95"

“I was inspired by the current world problems, conflicts, contrarieties, realizing there is always a place for a new beginning.” View Dorothea Van De Winkel’s Artist Page.


ATA is pleased to share the list of artists selected to participate in World Tapestry Now: American Tapestry Biennial 12.  See the list of artists and read more about the show.
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