Award for Excellence in Tapestry
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Award for Excellence Recipients
2011 Elizabeth Buckley
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ATA International Student Award
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ATA International Student
Award Recipients
2011 Rachel Betts-Wilmott
2010 Jennifer Hunt
2009 Daniel C. Edwards
2008 Erica Diazoni

2007 Melinda Heal
2006 Mary Caitlin Sellers

A  D E F I N I T I O N

Tapestry: A handwoven,
weft-faced fabric woven
with discontinuous wefts.

The warps are the vertical
threads on a loom that
provide the structure onto
which the weaving takes
place. The wefts are the
threads that provide the
face of the tapestry.

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ATA Award for Excellence in Tapestry

Program Information
(also in .pdf)


The American Tapestry Alliance (ATA) is a non-profit educational organization. The purpose of the Alliance shall be to:

Promote an awareness of and an appreciation for woven tapestries designed by individual artists;

Establish, recognize and perpetuate superior quality tapestries by artists worldwide;

Educate the public about the history and techniques involved in tapestry making;

Coordinate exhibitions of tapestries to establish a professional networking system for tapestry designers and weavers throughout the world;

Encourage use of tapestries by corporate, liturgical and private collectors.


The American Tapestry Alliance Award for Excellence in Tapestry Program has been established to encourage weavers to pursue tapestry, with the intention of achieving excellence in design, creative imagery, technical execution and usage of color. It is in keeping with our definition of tapestry as indicated here (see left margin) that the ATA Award is bestowed.

In order for a woven piece to be considered for the award, it must meet the requirements set forth in the ATA’s definition of tapestry. In most cases, each conference/exhibition has a judge or jury that awards points to all the entries. Those that qualify for tapestry are reviewed again. It is necessary for all the judges to be aware of the criteria for evaluating tapestry pieces. The ATA Award will be presented to the tapestry receiving the highest combined score of the judges. If there is no scoring system, the judges will select the most deserving tapestry.

ATA reserves the right not to present an award: 1) if no piece meets the requirement of tapestry or in the opinion of the judges and/or an ATA representative none shows an understanding and sufficiently accomplished execution of the art form, or 2) if the number of tapestries does not comprise at least 10% of the total entries accepted to an exhibition or a minimum of four entries. Every effort will be made to work compatibly with the exhibition organizers and their judges. It is not our intention to override the choice of the invited judges.


The winner will receive a ribbon, a color catalog of one of the exhibitions sponsored by ATA, and a one-year membership in the American Tapestry Alliance. In addition, a photo and article about the individual and the winning tapestry will be featured in Tapestry Topics, the ATA quarterly newsletter. The award ribbon and a short presentation statement will be sent to the exhibition organizers prior to the opening of the exhibition.


The ribbon should be affixed next to the winning piece for the duration of the exhibition. ATA requests that a brief announcement be made at the awards ceremony or general meeting of the conference. We request that someone from the exhibiting organization or an ATA member in attendance read the presentation.


After the exhibition, please have the winner fill out the Biography/Press Statement Information Form and send to the name and address indicated below. In addition, please include a color photo of the winning tapestry. The catalog and membership information will be forwarded to the winner on receipt of the Information Form by the American Tapestry Alliance.

Elisabeth Quick
436 S. Marengo Ave #210
Pasadena, CA 91101-3927