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Mounting a Shaped Tapestry

by Odette Brabec

Although my tapestry, "Puzzling Pieces," which was exhibited in ATB I, has an irregular perimeter, the mounting and hanging did not present too much of a problem. At the top and bottom of the tapestry I wove narrow hems with slits so that the hems could be turned back following the outline of the tapestry’s shape. I covered the hems with carpet binding and stitched Velcro© to the carpet binding about 1/4” from the top. I drew a somewhat smaller outline of the tapestry's shaped top edge on a piece of paper, and my handy husband cut a thin (3/8”) wooden board for that part of the hanging. I treated the wood in order to protect the fabric from the acid in the wood and painted it black. I then stapled Velcro© to the board, attached screw eyes, and the tapestry was ready to hang.   The hems along the shaped bottom edge were also covered with carpet binding, and I slid a thin flat aluminum rod into the hem to add a bit more weight. I do that in most of my tapestries.

(below) Odette Brabec, Puzzling Pieces, 42.5" x 43"

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