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Available for sale:

• STI2 Passages
• American Tapestry Biennial 8
• Enchanted Pathways
• Connections: Small Tapestry International
• American Tapestry Biennial 7
• Woven Gems

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Now Available!


Small Tapestry International 2

STI2 Passages - 2011


ATB8 catalog
Enchanted Pathways Catalog Cover

American Tapestry Biennial 8


Enchanted Pathways
Connections: Small Tapestry International

For any combination of catalogs you can place your order using this .pdf printable form >here< 

Send payment in the form of check or money order made out to American Tapestry Alliance or credit card information (preferred payment method if overseas) with your order using one of the above .pdf forms. We are now set up to use PayPal which can be done by logging into PayPal. Send the money to americantapestryalliance at gmail dot com [websafe email address - please replace the at and dot with punctuation].

Marcia Ellis
5565 Idlewood Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


For ordering any combination of Catalogs click to >use this .pdf form<
Catalogs available by title (all prices in US dollars):

• STI2 Passages, 2011 $18.00 $20.00
• American Tapestry Biennial 8, 2010-2011 $18.00 $20.00
• Enchanted Pathways, 2010 $12.00 $14.00
• Connections: Small Tapestry International 2009 $15.00 $15.00
Note: For shipping & handling charges see .pdf order form.