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ATA Programs of Study

Distance Learning

The Distance Learning program is designed for intermediate tapestry weavers who want to pursue an in depth study of a tapestry topic with guidance and mentoring from a more experienced tapestry weaver. An intermediate weaver is defined as someone who can warp a loom and who has woven several small tapestries or samplers. This is meant to be a self directed and well-defined program of study. Students are encouraged to narrow the range of study so that it can be completed within one year. Contact: Education@americantapestryalliance.org

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands distance learning program is designed for beginning tapestry weavers who want to begin exploring tapestry with guidance and mentoring from a more experienced tapestry weaver. The student must be an ATA Circle member.  A beginning weaver is defined as someone who has little experience or one who has completed an introductory level workshop.  This program will introduce students to warping a loom, shape building, warp and weft balance, and beginning cartoon development. Contact: joyce.hayes@comcast.net.

Other Study Programs

See our Links section for a list of Learning Opportunities.

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Regional Groups

In the US and Canada there are several Regional groups of tapestry artists. The following is a list of groups. Some of them have contact information, and some of them don't. We will try to give such information when we can confirm that it is accurate.

• British Columbia Society of Tapestry Artists (BCSTARS)
• Canadian Tapestry Network (CTN)
• Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound (TAPS)
• Tapestry Weavers in New England (TWiNE)
• Tapestry Weavers South (TWS)
• Tapestry Weavers West

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Galleries (check our Links page)

Etherington Fine Art, Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts (Julia Mitchell)
Gail Martin Gallery, New York, NY (James Bassler, Archie Brennan, Michael Rohde)
Prime Gallery, Toronto, Ontario (Jane Kidd)
Weaving Southwest, Taos, New Mexico

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Collections (check our Links page)

When we have a good list of collections that the general public can have access to, we will publish some part of that list here.

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - de Young - Legion

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