ATA Board of Directors Application

ATA Board Member Application

  • Thank you for your interest in joining the ATA Board of Directors. In order for you to understand more about the role of ATA’s Board of Directors, we would like to explain our organizational structure.

    ATA is divided into two sections, Member Services and Resources. Within these two areas ten committees carry out ATA’s programming, for example, the Exhibition Committee is within Member Services. Most committees also have sub committees; for example, the ATB 11 Committee is one of the sub committees within the Exhibition Committee.

    Each Board member is a Committee Chair. This involves acquainting yourself with the programming within that committee and overseeing the volunteers who work on that committee’s programs. It may also involve working with others in one of the sub committees.

    The Board communicates Monday through Friday (with holiday breaks) via an email list. Busy days might have 10 emails. Some days there will be no emails. An agenda is set for each week and typically the items have been covered by Wednesday or Thursday.

    Each Board member also maintains email contact with his/her committee members, as needed. The Board meets for a Board Retreat every 18 months (spring, then fall).

    The benefits to Board membership are many. Working with a talented and committed group of people to offer tapestry weavers educational and exhibition opportunities, and to promote contemporary tapestry to others is rewarding and fun. Board members work with tapestry weavers around the world and build lasting friendships and artistic alliances. Sharing your talents and resources adds to the vitality of ATA.

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