Volunteers & Staff
Top row: Shelley Socolofsky, Sue Weil, Terry Olson, Nicki Bair
Bottom row: Ginger Thomas, Janette Gross, Molly Elkind,
Murray Gibson, David Huestess
Board of Directors

Murray Gibson, Director of Awards
Terry Olson, Director of Education
David Huestess, Director of Exhibitions
Janette Gross, Director of Finance, Treasurer
Ginger Thomas, Director of Membership, Secretary
Nicki Bair, Director of Promotions
Molly Elkind, Director of Volunteers
Shelley Socolofsky, Director at Large, President
Sue Weil, Director at Large
Jan Austin, Board Advisor

Board Eligibility

All ATA members who have access to email are eligible to apply to become a member of the Board of Directors. Each board member heads one of ATA’s committees and works with a team. Board candidates should possess administrative and management skills, and be willing to dedicate time most weeks to fulfilling committee responsibilities. Interested members may email board(at)americantapestryalliance.org.

Online Application for the ATA Board of Directors


Can you lend a hand? ATA’s programming is made possible by volunteers. Our committees are led by volunteers who work together under the leadership of a Committee Chair. ATA welcomes new volunteers at all times and will find a job that suits your interests, talents and availability. The Board of Directors hopes you will join the “inner circle” of ATA by getting involved. Fill out the following form below or  contact our Volunteer Director!

Volunteer Skills Survey Form

Volunteer Experience Survey Form

Awards Committee: Murray Gibson, Chair

  • Award for Excellence — Murray Gibson
  • International Student Award — Murray Gibson
  • Scholarship for Tapestry Study — Murray Gibson
  • Emerge Award — Murray Gibson

Communications Committee

  • Tapestry Topics: Quarterly Newsletter — Leslie Munro, Editor; Robbie Lafleur, Copy Editor; Lindsay Kronmiller, Layout; Pat Williams, Proofreading; Kim Mumbower, Indexing; Molly Elkind, Volunteer Column
  • Website: Kim Mumbower, Links

Education Committee: Terry Olson, Chair

  • Mentoring Program — Linda Disosway
  • Convergence Members Retreat & Workshops — Terry Olson
  • Online Educational Articles — Terry Olson, Leslie Mitchell

Exhibitions Committee: David Huestess, Chair

  • Small Tapestry International 7: Elements — Ila McCallum, Exhibition Chair
  • TEx@ATA Gallery — Barbara Burns, Coordinator
  • Print Materials Shipping — Deb Shoenberger
  • Print Materials Label Production — Jessica Ostrow

Finance Committee: Janette Gross, Chair

  • Archives & Historic Documentation — Fran Williamson
  • Financial Management–Janette Gross

Fundraising Committee: Sue Weil, Chair

  • Valentines Day Appeal — Sue Weil

Membership Committee: Ginger Thomas, Chair

  • Membership Database Maintenance and Renewals — Ginger Thomas
  • Tapestry Topics mailing — Ruth Manning
  • Membership Directory — Michele Munoz-Miller
  • Member Survey and Think Tanks — Maggie Leininger

Promotions Committee: Nicki Bair, Chair

Social Media:
Scheduling: Nicki Bair
Tapestry of the Day — Roslyn Diamond
Social Media Associate: Susan Gangsei
Spotlights — Maggie Leininger
Online Calendars — Deborah Thomas
Advertising — Nicki Bair, Layout–Diane Chicoine
Outreach — Nicki Bair
CODA 2022 — Open
Blog Tour 2022 — Open

Member Benefits
Let’s Talk Tapestry — Katie Ellis, Traudie Bestler
eKudos — Virginia Taylor
eNews — Maggie Leininger
Artist Pages — Sarah Warren

Volunteers Committee: Molly Elkind, Chair

  • Volunteer Coordinator — Pam Howard; Victoria Moore, Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

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