ATA Board of Directors Application

Serving on ATA’s Board of Directors

ATA’s Board members are responsible for the stewardship of the organization. They work to define and refine its goals and mission as ATA grows and develops. The Board establishes priorities while ensuring that the activities address the mission and core values of ATA.

The benefits of Board service are many. Working with a talented and committed group of people is rewarding and fun. Board members network with tapestry weavers around the world and build lasting friendships and artistic alliances. They learn new skills, enjoy new experiences and add to the vitality and visibility of contemporary tapestry. ATA is looked up to as an international leader in the field of contemporary tapestry. As a Board member, your voice and ideas will play a significant role.

ATA works hard to orient and train new Board members. ATA’s Board is a working Board. Board members serve either as a Committee Chair or as a Director at Large. As a Board member you will be given an introduction to ATA and a job description. If you are a Committee Chair, you will be connected with volunteers working in your Committee and be provided with their job descriptions. You will have ongoing support from other Board members and from ATA’s staff.

The Board communicates Monday through Wednesday (with holiday breaks) via an email list. Busy days might have 10 – 20 emails. Some days there will be no emails. An agenda is set for each week.

The Board meets for a Board Meeting every 18 months (spring, then fall). ATA pays for transportation and room and board for the meeting. There are limitations on international travel costs. Board members who do not attend the meeting in person may participate via Skype.

Board terms are two years. A Board member may serve for four terms. It is hoped that Board members will serve several terms. However, ATA is grateful to those who elect to serve only one term. Board members have the option to receive a free membership at the Studio Circle level. There is no expectation that Board members will donate money to the organization.

Thank you for your interest in serving on the ATA Board of Directors!