Ambassador Program

ATA recognizes that tapestry weaving is practiced by cultures from around the world. Many of these cultures incorporate specific processes, materials, and imagery that represent familial heritage, cultural traditions, and unique perspectives. The Ambassador Program provides a platform for weavers to share their diverse and expanded worldview to tapestry. Ambassadors are invited to provide virtual talks, interviews, and workshops, to help share their work with members of ATA and expand our understanding of the diverse cultural traditions.

2022 Ambassador-Kevin Aspaas

Kevin Aspaas

Kevin Aspaas will share his experiences as a weaver, dyer, cotton cultivator, and shepherd in Shiprock, NM on January 8, 2022. Registration for this talk is free and open to the public but limited. Go here to register today!

Kevin Aspaas is an award-winning entrepreneur Dine’ weaver and fiber artist from Shiprock, NM. Aspaas utilizes the traditional Dine’ sheep and weaving process. He is also best known for producing the old-style Navajo wedge weaving technique, alongside producing other Navajo traditional and contemporary textiles.

Kevin currently also serves as the President of the Dine’ led non-profit organization, Dine’ Be’Iina’, which focuses on promoting and preserving the Navajo lifeways through weaving, fiber arts shepherding, food, and community outreach.

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