Artist Page Social Media Spotlights

Artist Page social media spotlights occur on a rolling, biweekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays) basis on ATA’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Featured Circle members are invited to cross-promote by sharing their spotlight via mailing lists or their individual social media accounts.

The monthly breakdown of spotlights is listed below. Please check this page frequently, as it will be updated often to reflect changes in the calendar and promotions schedules.

Please contact Maggie Leininger ( or Promotions Chair Nicki Bair ( with questions regarding these and ATA’s other outreach initiatives.

February 2019
Adair, Sandy
AldenPriscilla May
Anne, Shirley 
Anselm, Klaus
Armour, Patricia
Austin, Janet
Baxter, Joan
Benedict, Dorothy

March 2019
Blomberg, Cecilia
Booth, Ann
Boughton, Louise
Brothers, Lynda
Buckley, Elizabeth
Burns, Barbara
Burns, Don
Chamberlain, Bobbi

April 2019
Chave, Carol
Christian, Martha
Coffey, Sherri Woodard
Collier, Myla
Colton, Mary Rawcliffe
Cost, Mary
Crespi, Liliana
Crowe, Frances

May 2019
Dubois, Debra
Dufour, Line
Dunn, Patricia
Dworzak, Cindy
Eila, Lany

Elkind, Molly

Ewen, Thoma
Feinstein, Sylvia

June 2019
Feldman, Pamela
Fillion-Wackenreuther, Vladimira
Flad, Mary M.
Foley, Donna
Friedman, Alex
Gallegos-Rex, Heather
Galliott, Jennifer
Gardella, Cornelia Theimer

July 2019
Giesen, Linda
Gilmore-Barnes, Tabitha
Goldberg, Tricia
Griffin, Joan
Hallberg, Birgitta
Halsey, Louise
Hart, Lyn
Hayes, Joyce

August 2019
Heller, Barbara
Hickey, Katie
Hilton-Nash, Betty
Hogg, Sharon
Hoisington, Marilyn
Horn, Peter
Hülse, Elke

September 2019
Hutchison, Fiona R.
Iverson, Susan
Jackson, Anne
Kirch, Patti
Kircher, Mary
Kuchma, Lialia
Lane, Mary

October 2019
Laura, Maximo
Lippert, Connie
Llewellyn, Jeanne
Lord, Mary Jane
Macdonald, Margo
Manning, Ruth
Martin-Mafei, Susan
Martinez, Wence
Mayne, Lynn

November 2019
McDermott, Laura Kamian
Meetze, Janette
Mendoza-Ruiz, Tito 
Mezoff, Rebecca
Middleton, Susan E.
Miremont, Sonja
Mitchell, Julia
Mooney, David R.

December 2019
Nørgaard, Inge
Okropiridze, Tea
Pearce, Eve
Perkins, Katherine
Powell, Becky
Pradel-Lien, Christine
Pretty, Suzanne

January 2020
Pulos, Liz
Radcliffe, Elizabeth
Ramsey, Ellen
Rigter, DeAnna
Rivers, Christine
Rohde, Michael F.
Ross, Jeni
Rothman, Minna

February 2020
Rubin, Deann
Scanlin, Tommye
Shoeman, Elizabeth
Shoenberger, Debbie
Smith, Joy
Smith, Matty
Smith, Rebecca

March 2020
Socolofsky, Shelley
Standley, Care
Stevens, Becky
Swett, Sarah
Todd-Hooker, Kathe
Van De Winkel, Dorothea
van Doren, Ruth
Vezeau, Elizabeth

April 2020
Vorgang, Regina
Walker, Beverly
Wallace, Linda
Warren, Sarah
Webster, Emma Jo
Weghorst, Linda
Weil, Sue
Williams, Pat
Zicafoose, Mary


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