Becky Stevens
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Becky Stevens’ Artist Statement

My current work in tapestry explores high contrast patterns.  Variations of stripes, triangles and zig zag designs in black and white are used as border designs as well as to represent patterns on our clothes, on the leaves of plants and trees, on the fur and feathers of animals and birds. While the patterns on animals, insects and plants are often for protection or camouflage, I am using patterns in the high contrast of black and white to attract attention.

My subject matter is just for fun. I have created imaginary fish and birds with stripes and dots using standard tapestry techniques. “Meet The Family” gave me an opportunity to represent a variety of clothing fabrics with triangles, zig zag chevrons and stripes as well as facial and head hair. The small format tapestries (fifteen inches square) are fun to do and take on average 55 hours to complete instead of many months for larger works.

I call this series, Pattern Play and that is how I approached each design. Just for fun no serious message intended. Weaving has been my primary medium of expression for over thirty years, more than twenty of those using tapestry techniques.

I have enjoyed creative expression in many media from an early age. Art has been my “best friend” through all the changes that happen in life.

Becky Stevens’ Biography

I spent my early years drawing and painting before I began weaving. After producing many functional items in a variety of weave structures, I began exploring the textural qualities of the “art fabric.”  Inspired by the work of Abakanowicz, Hicks, Zeisler, the Jacobis and others, I incorporated feathers, bones, beads and buttons into highly textured weavings for gallery shows and corporate commissions.

In the late 1980’s I became aware of contemporary tapestries at HGA’s Convergence/ Chicago and Convergence/ Toronto.

Images of Pop Art Icons and large-scale tapestries in public buildings spoke to current issues like the tragedy of harvesting baby seals for fur coats, not ancient scenes of elaborately dressed royals frolicking and parading past peasants. These pivotal encounters led me to return to imagery and I embraced tapestry as my primary medium of expression. In addition to NATURE STRIKES BACK, I have explored other themes in series: patterns on butterfly wings-Dots and Dashes, couples conversations-Paradise in Trouble, and water images-The Sea.

I exhibit my work regionally and nationally. I served on the Board of American Tapestry Alliance from 2006-2014.