Becky Stevens


(l) “Winter’s Silence” (2017) 15″ x 15,” $550
(r) “Autumn In The City” (2017) 15″ x 15,” $550

Becky Stevens’ Artist Statement

Using a limited palette and continuing my exploration of Black and White images I offer three more small format tapestries in the series Pattern Play:

The stark contrast of black and white patterns in “Calico” references the calico fabrics used in quilts as well as the breed of cat known as calico with it’s combination of stripes, dots, and patches of several colors.

In “Autumn in the City” I explored variations in the width of lines to introduce a change in value. Thin lines placed close together create a medium value in contrast to solid black or white. Heavier lines or bands suggest architectural detail and pull some of the buildings forward in front of the solid black silhouettes of distant buildings.

Continuing to play with line in “Winter’s Silence” the triangles, rectangles and rhombuses suggest roofs and walls of farm buildings partially hidden by snow drifts. While keeping most shapes geometric, I added the element of drawing to introduce nature. The trees are a combination of woven shapes and stitching on top of the tapestry.

These tapestries are fifteen inches square. They are mounted on stretcher frames covered with black felt.

Becky Stevens, "Calico" 2017, 15" x 15"; $550
“Calico” (2017) 15″ x 15,” $550

Becky Stevens’ Biography

Weaving has been my primary medium of expression for over thirty years, more than twenty of them using tapestry techniques. I have learned from the tapestry instructors who take time from their studio work to write books, teach workshops, write newsletters and blogs, and make videos that clearly show how looms are warped and tapestry techniques are woven. Their gift supports the global tapestry community we value. I am grateful to those generous instructors.

Becky Stevens served on the board of American Tapestry Alliance from 2006 to 2014.