Bobbi Chamberlain
Bobbi Chamberlain, "Palouse Sunset' 2010, 26" x 41"
“Palouse Sunset” (2010) 26″ x 41″
Bobbi Chamberlain, "Meanderings" 2012, 16" x 24"
“Meanderings” (2012) 16″ x 24″

Bobbi Chamberlain’s Statement

Most of my tapestries are designed from photos I take locally or when I travel. My early tapestries were primarily of landscapes and flowers. As I have become more involved with photography I have developed an interest in more abstract images and have enjoyed using these images in my tapestry designs. “Palouse Sunset” depicts the beautiful sculpted farmlands of southeastern Washington state. Detailed views of flowers, such as “Bee’s Eye View,” are among my favorite subjects for photography and I enjoyed translating the photo into a tapestry design. The cartoon for “Meanderings” was based on the patterns on a piece of plywood.

Bobbi Chamberlain, "Bee's Eye View" 2011, 30" x 19"
“Bee’s Eye View” (2011) 30″ x 19″

Bobbi Chamberlain’s Biography

I have been weaving since 1990. In 1993 I experimented with transparency weaving. This soon led to tapestry weaving and I haven’t looked back. I primarily use my photographs as a basis for designing my tapestries. Finding new ideas for tapestry inspired me to improve my photography and that has become a second art form for me.