Bonni Opt-hof

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(l) “Comic Cats” (2016) 12″ x 17.5″ (r) Dreams Beyond the Harbor (2018) 8″ x 10″

Bonni Opt-hof’s Statement

My tapestries are inspired mostly by my sailing experiences, nature, and whimsy.   Comic Cats was done while I was living in Fort Lauderdale and I used it to practice on different interlock techniques. Beyond the Harbor was done while living in Bahrain.  It was a contemplation of some of the dreams and nightmares I had when crossing the ocean in a 35 foot sailboat.  Rainbow Rain was done while I was in Denmark. I was learning to blend colors and since it was winter, I wanted to work on something colorful. This is the piece that was in ATA’s Biennial 11

Rainbow Rain (2015), 11″ x 15.5″

Bonni Opt-hof’s Biography

Weaving tapestry for me, is a practice of meditative creativity.  Composing my cartoon, finding or creating the colors, trying new techniques, taking out and trying again is all food for my spirit.  I am fairly new to tapestry making, just 6 years. I am a student  of Rebecca Mezoff’s on line classes, after learning to weave on a 4 shaft loom, from my mother in law. I did have a piece accepted at the ATA Biennial 11