Louise Boughton

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Louise Boughton’s Statement

(l) “Traces” (2016) 4″ x 5.5″
(r) “Sacred Day” (2015) 19″ x 13″

Throughout my work, I have always been fascinated with texture, color, pattern, technique and embellishment.  I am inspired by a variety of sources including historical artifacts and traveling and consistently keep sketchbooks to record visual ideas..  Living beside the sea has become a constant source of inspiration in my work which draws much from the natural environment and its changing appearance. The effects of weathering and the processes of time on both synthetic and organic objects and on my surrounding landscape translate easily for me into the medium of tapestry.

I enjoy the slow process of weaving and in particular love the design and planning of color-blending within a piece.  Working with a variety of yarns and techniques to achieve texture and surface interest is one of my favorite aspects of tapestry and I often introduce other approaches such as stitch.

Louise Boughton, "Eroded" (1997), 2.5" x 1.5"
“Eroded” (1997) 2.5″ x 1.5″

Louise Boughton’s Biography

I am a textile designer and maker living in Dublin, Ireland. Since an early age, I have been connected with the construction and use of textiles, having been surrounded by it in the home. I am a graduate of Ballyfermot College and The National College of Art and Design in Dublin and have worked through textiles for over 25 years including teaching, working with designers and continuing to work on my own practice in my studio.

I have exhibited widely in galleries and outlets both nationally and internationally and have worked extensively creating private commissions and bespoke pieces. Tapestry remains one of my foremost and favorite mediums to use and I enjoy every part of the process from designing to finishing.