Christine Rivers
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Christine Rivers’ Statement

Live life.  Go for hikes.   Experience nature.  Experience people.  Photograph, write, draw, remember.  Sit and observe.  Walk and observe.  Be there to know the place.  Weave what you have learned.  Let the structure and techniques of tapestry be the passage to expressing life experiences.  I fill my life with experiences – hiking in our rainforest and mountains, traveling to Mexico, Australia, USA, Europe and with in Canada, experiencing life, people and culture.  I bring my life experiences, thoughts and culture into my tapestries.  Life expressed in weaving.

“North Coast Reflections” is about a hike with friends on the North Coast Trail on Vancouver Island.  We hiked for a week along beautiful beaches, through bush, bog and mud, on the wild north coast of the Island.  The tapestry shows the reflections in the wet sand on the beach, between rainstorms.  A day of friends hiking together, experiencing the wilds of the north coast, their images reflecting in the wet sand, reflecting on their friendship and the adventures they have shared, their lives woven together.  “Standing Together – Then and Now” is about the strength of the Squamish (First Nations of coastal BC) people now and in the future coming from the strength of the culture and people of the past.  Reading the tapestry from left to right – The Squamish people of the past wearing Salish blankets, cedar hats, feather hats.  The people of the generation born in the early 1900s, the man in a suit, the woman in a long skirt.  The people of the mid to late 1900s, wearing jeans and t-shirts with native logos, beginning to find pride in their culture.  The people now, finding the strength of their culture and wearing Salish blankets, cedar hats, feather hats.  The traditional dress of the past is used in the ceremonial life of the present for the Squamish Nation People.  The innovation is the beautiful culture of the past as it is embraced and enriched for the future.  “Ta7ah – Grandmother Remembers”.  Ta7ah is the Squamish word for mother, more commonly used when addressing Grandmothers.  This tapestry represents Grandmother and the Moon, remembering the past when canoes were the main form of transportation and the culture was still strong.  Ta7ah, Grandmother, thinks of the many changes and events in her lifetime that have brought her back to where the culture now is strong and thriving again.

Christine Rivers’ Biography

Christine has been weaving since 1977, weaving tapestry since 1998.  She lives on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.  She loves tapestry weaving, beading, running, hiking, climbing, yoga, cycling, swimming and being outdoors.  Christine is a Salish weaver, weaving ceremonial regalia in wool and in cedar.  Christine brings her life experiences and culture into her tapestries.  She is a member of the Canadian Tapestry Network, American Tapestry Alliance, and TAPis – Tapestry Weavers of Vancouver Island.  Christine’s tapestries have been shown in Canada, USA, Australia and Mexico.