Cornelia Theimer Gardella
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Cornelia Theimer Gardella’s Statement

My work strives for reduction and simplification. It is characterized by elements such as horizontal lines and grid patterns which are essential to the weaving process and inherent qualities of flat 2-dimensional tapestry. I value the materials I work with and the unique tactile qualities of a woven textile which add warmth to my images.

The starting point for most of my tapestries is found in natural or man-made patterns seen everywhere. A rock face in New Mexico can be the inspiration for a tapestry just as pixels on a computer screen or historic textiles can. My goal is not the representation of these patterns but rather a reduction to their colors and shapes which my tapestries put into a new context.

Cornelia Theimer Gardella’s Biography

Born, raised and educated in Germany, my fascination with the American Southwest and the desire to immerse myself in its landscape, culture and traditions brought me to New Mexico in 2005 to study traditional fiber arts at Northern New Mexico College in El Rito. During my studies in New Mexico, I was surrounded by a number of excellent tapestry artists, working both in traditional and contemporary styles, and their teachings have had a lasting influence on my work.

Being away from my home in Germany, I discovered a strong emotional and cultural connection to the place where I was born which I had not been aware of while living there. I now divide my time between Abiquiu in Northern New Mexico and Erfurt, Germany, weaving and teaching in both places and appreciating their diverse influence on my art.