Donna Foley
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Donna Foley’s Statement

I weave my tapestries as maps of my spiritual journey. The topography is both an external terrain of wilderness and mountains as well as an internal landscape.  The sheep that I raise and the plants that I use to dye their wool are as important to the work as the actual weaving.  Many of my tapestries are meditative pieces that incorporate symbols, both personal and universal (i.e.,  runes, I Ching etc).    Found objects of stone and feathers often find their way into my work.

Donna Foley’s Biography

Although I began my college education in forestry and botany, when I took my first weaving course it became clear as to what path I wanted to follow.  Shortly after, I acquired a loom, spinning wheel, several Angora goats and 35 acres of abandoned farmland in the Adirondack mountains and began the process of becoming a weaver.  The Angora goats gave way to Lincoln sheep, and the spinning wheel is augmented with custom spun yarn, but my fascination with the interlacement of fibers, textures and naturally-dyed color remains.
I have exhibited my work since 1998 at such venues as The Lake Placid Center for the Arts, the Adirondack Lake Center for the Arts and the Brewster Hughes Gallery where I had a solo exhibit in 2008. I have also exhibited at the Adirondack Artists’ Guild, a 14-member cooperative art gallery, since 2004.