Elizabeth J. Buckley
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Elizabeth J. Buckley’s Statement

FOSSIL, FEATHER, AND LIGHT: THE TEXTURE OF MEMORY.  Prairie grasses cover the ocean bottom of pre-Cambrian seas that once covered the Flint Hills of Kansas.  As a child I gazed at the layers of shale and limestone in road cuts, and picked out remains of invertebrate fossils:  crinoid stems, gastropods, brachiopods and the occasional trilobite.  The largeness of millennia memory fills me with awe and calls to me like the cry of the Sandhill Cranes in migration each autumn and spring.   The Presence of Mystery enfolds me at the loom, entering the strands of wool in my hands as I weave.

SPIRAL UNIVERSE is a study about the spiral connection found in both galaxy formations and earth’s life forms; both ancient as preserved in fossils, and in what currently lives in the oceans.

PETROGLYPH AND PRAIRIE describes the relationship of the vanishing prairie to those who once lived upon them.


Elizabeth J. Buckley’s Biography

Elizabeth Buckley is a second-generation tapestry artist and teacher of over forty years. Her work has evolved from using techniques of the Mexican and Rio Grande traditions to those of French tapestry.  She further honed her skills in Aubusson, France, at the atelier of Gisèle Brivet.  Elizabeth prefers to work in the Aubusson tradition for her larger works.  She is devoted to being a lineage-keeper of these vanishing techniques, not only through her own tapestries, but also in her teaching.  With her degree in art, Elizabeth brings to the classroom her deep grounding in design principles and color theory that specifically apply to tapestry. She draws from multiple tapestry traditions to provide her students with the technique vocabulary for finding and expressing their own unique voice.

Elizabeth J. Buckley’s tapestries have a lengthy exhibition history, including national and Canadian juried and invitational shows, as well as in museum exhibitions.  Her work is in numerous private collections, and her publications include:  FiberArts Design Book V and Carol K. Russell’s The Tapestry Handbook:  the Next Generation. . In 2011, Elizabeth was awarded the American Tapestry Alliance Award for Excellence in Tapestry.