Elke Hülse

Email: elkeoh@gmail.com

(l) “Girls everywhere girls 7” (2019) 70cm x 50cm
(r) “Girls everywhere girls 6” (2018) 70cm x 50cm

Elke Hülse’s Statement

Over the past few years I’ve been working with face photos that I use as cartoons to weave my tapestries. In each girl dress I present a tapestry. In each tapestry, a girl face refers to different ethnic groups. “Girls everywhere girls” is a survey of girl faces of different ethnicities and their culture. The subtleties of each face, their colors, their shapes, the features that reinforce its origin show the importance of valuing each ethnic group of the globe. In the execution of the tapestries the symmetry is a technique exercise and the mirror image throughout the history has been an object of enchantment.

“Girls everywhere girls 1–4” (2017–2018) 70cm x 50cm each

Elke Hülse’s Biography

I was born in 1961; Blumenau, Brazil. I undergraduated in Visual Arts, in 1983 and my Masters in Art History, in 2009. My first contact with tapestry technique on a high loom was at Ernesto Aroztegui’s workshop in 1982. I participated at Jean Pierre Larochette’s workshop in Florianópolis, Brazil, 1995/96. I took part at Sarah Swett and Larochette’s workshop in El Tuito, Mexico in 2011 and another meeting in El Tuito in 2013. I have been a member of a tapestry group, As Catarinas, for about 16 years, and I take tapestry classes at the University and other institutions.

Recent group exhibitions: 2020 – Renditions:13th international, unjuried small format tapestry online exhibition by ATA. 2019 – 14th Bienal International from Curitiba – MASC Santa Catarina Art Museum, Florianópolis/Brazil. Fiber Arts 100 Years Bauhaus, Art Ventures Gallery, California/USA. Heallreaf 3, Surface Gallery and Espacio Gallery, London/UK. 8th WTA International Biennial of contemporary Textile Art, Small Format, Madrid/Spain. Tramares at Brazilian House Madrid/Spain 2018 – 10th Biennial From Lausanne to BeijingTsinghua University Art Museum, Beijing/China. 6th Triennial of Textile Art, Szombhately/Hungary.