Elke Hülse
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Elke Hülse’s Statement

Time to weave I is a small tapestry that was woven from a cartoon that I drew. Hourglasses remind us about the passage of time. The sand inside the hourglasses which was woven with golden threads mixed with other colours symbolizes the preciousness of time. The repetition of the form was used to create an element of harmony in the tapestry. On the other hand, weaving the same shape over and over again was a good exercise to develop my tapestry technique.  In Photo Revelation II, the same face was woven in four different color versions and abstractions. I started with a detailed and romantic face in blue tones and finished with a pop face in shades of green and pink. Time to weave II, consists of six small fragments of a small tapestry. Time is the most precious element in my daily work on the loom. I always start with the cartoon, then I choose the colors and thickness of yarn for the weft, only then I go to the loom. I make the appropriate warp and to translate the cartoon I choose the techniques that best suit each situation in the weft. Because of this it was very difficult to cut a finished tapestry, but in Time to weave II it was the purpose. The ephemeral in contemporary art is precisely what tapestry weavers have always avoided.

Elke Hülse’s Biography

I was born in 1961; Blumenau, Brazil. I undergraduate in Visual Arts, in 1983 and my Masters in Art History, in 2009. My first contact with tapestry technique on a high loom was at Ernesto Aroztegui’s workshop in 1982.  I participated at Jean Pierre Larochette’s workshop in Florianópolis, Brazil, 1995/96. I took part at Sarah Swett and Larochette’s workshop in El Tuito, Mexico in 2011 and another meeting in El Tuito in 2013. I have a tapestry group, The Catarinas,  for about 15 years and sometimes I take tapestry classes at the University.
Recent group exhibitions: 2017 – Small Tapestry International 5: Crossroads, second prize Texas/USA; 2017 – Heallreaf 2, West Dean College, West Sussex/UK; 2016 – Cordis Tapestry Prize and Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh/Scotland; 2016 – 11th International unjuried small format tapestry exhibition, Milwaukee Public Library, Milwaukee/USA; 2016 – Tapiceria que viaja, Oaxaca/Mexico; 2016 – 9th International Fiberart From Lausanne to Beijing, Shenzhen/China; 
Recent Individual Exhibitions: 2016 – Once upon a Time – Art Museum Joinville, Joinville/Brazil; 2017 – Kinder Glauben – Art Museum Blumenau, Blumenau/Brazil.