Ellen Ramsey

Website: Http://www.ellenramseytapestry.art

(l) “Repose” (2013) 60″ x 36″
(r) “Obi I” (2018) 42″ x 36″

Ellen Ramsey’s Statement

I have been very influenced by travels in Japan, my background in art history, and the Japanese art collection of the Seattle Asian Art Museum.

A prominent theme in my lotus pond series is the experience of time. In Buddhist art, the lotus is a traditional symbol associated with time, the cycle of life, and human nature.  I am particularly fond of the graphic beauty of the lotus pond in decay. I can’t resist the visual web of random crossing lines and their reflections. I see a connection between the beauty in the lifeless, deterioration in nature, and the beauty in our memories.

In the tapestry “Satori,” time flows like water, each moment passing quickly, unnoticed. But occasionally time reveals itself, just long enough for one to realize that what once was, is now fundamentally changed or gone. The black and white section represents a dramatic shift in perspective, seen with unusual clarity as if by x-ray. “Satori” is the Japanese word meaning “sudden comprehension.”

Ellen Ramsey, "Satori" (2018), 60" x 60"
“Satori” (2018) 60″ x 60″

Ellen Ramsey’s Biography

Ellen Ramsey lives in Lake Forest Park, Washington, and is a member of Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound. She has an M.A. in Art History from the University of Iowa. She studied French classical tapestry technique with Mary Lane, a founding member of the Scheuer Tapestry Studio, from 1998 to 2001. She was a member of the Board of Directors of the American Tapestry Alliance from 2003-2009.