Eve Pearce

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(l) “LoMonthang, Mustang, Nepal” (2000) 48″ x 32″
(r)”Rooftop Prayer Flags,Teisli, Mustang, Nepal” (2000) 56″ x 47″

Eve Pearce’s Statement

The three tapestries shown here are based on images from a trek through Mustang, a tiny, medieval, Buddhist kingdom on the far side of the Nepali Himalayas. I went there with my daughter who introduced me to the experience of arriving at an astonishing place by just starting to walk and not stopping. Loving the green of Vermont as I do, I did not expect to enjoy the windblown, arid landscape. But I quickly found that this seemingly empty world was swarming with energies, spirits and prayers streaming off the prayer flags which fly from every home, gompa and high pass.

Eve Pearce, "Four Girls and an Apple, Mustang, Nepal" 1999, 48" x 50"
“Four Girls and an Apple, Mustang, Nepal” (1999) 48″ x 50″

Eve Pearce’s Biography

I having been making tapestry here on my farm in southern Vermont for twenty years. I have participated in one person and group shows and have enjoyed doing commissions for clients throughout the country. I am a “juried artist” with the Vermont Arts Council and am especially pleased to be included in the American Tapestry Biennial 5. I would be happy to share details of any of this with you, but here is the real heart of my biography:

I used to weave images of scenes simply because they were too beautiful to leave unacknowledged. Recently, however, the distinctions among what is seen, the weaving of it and myself the weaver are slipping away. In the same way that the cloth and the image are one, so are the subject, the work and the weaver. Tapestry has given us so many metaphors for life and they are all true. It’s also true that this wonderful work is carrying me beyond metaphor.