Ginny Wallace


“Time: Loss and Hope” (2020) 9.5″ x 20″

Ginny Wallace’s Statement

I came late to the fiber arts and discovered tapestry in 2018. As a relatively new tapestry weaver, I am finding my voice. The three tapestries here represent some of my explorations and growth. In Purple Moon I am exploring techniques – transparency and color blending. In Time, I am beginning to explore the emotion of loss. The piece has deep personal meaning as the image comes from a trip I took with my father, who has since passed away; his chair is empty. But in the empty chairs, there is also the promise of something yet to come.

Missouri Climate, my tapestry diary, is a record of the high and low temperature of each day, at my home in central Missouri. Each month’s insets are what I see in the natural world around me during that time, such as the spring peeper in March. Peepers are almost deafening here in early March.

“Missouri Climate” tapestry diary
(in process 2021)
65″ x 12″ when completed

Ginny Wallace’s Biography

Ginny Wallace lives and weaves on a 50-acre wildflower nursery in mid-Missouri. She retired in 2020 after a 42-year career in natural resources conservation. She holds a Master of Science in botany and a Master in Public Administration. In retirement, she is finally celebrating the artist that has been waiting for her to discover. Better late than never!

“Purple Moon” (2019) 7″ x 9.5″