Jean Corder Clarke

(l) “Springtime” (1997) 24.5″ x 32″ (r) Detailed study of peacock quills (1992) 25″ x 32″

Jean Corder Clarke’s Statement

Color is my inspiration, while the process of weaving is relaxing and therapeutic. ‘Springtime’ Detail and beauty in harsh environments, the colors replicated in the dyeing process, a dance of stove-top infusions. Spanning three decades of experimentation, interpreting human form, flora and fauna I like to abstract images, as in the ‘Detailed study of Peacock quills’. ‘Granddaughter Amie’ Watching Amie showing dexterity and self absorption in her texting, comparable to weaving.

“Granddaughter Aimie (2019), 10.75″ x 13.5”

Jean Corder Clarke’s Biography

Jean first enrolled in weaving classes while attending a three year Diploma in Design which combined fine art and print in the 1980’s. Her mentor Rosemary Brambley with fellow weavers worked on Henry Moore’s tapestries at West Dean, UK, and ignited a passion in Jean that burns as brightly today. A member of The Guild of Designer Craftsman, Northamptonshire these avant-garde weavers, silversmiths, ceramicists, and cabinet makers exhibited in England and Sweden.

Moving to Spain in 1999 Jeans vivacious curiosity was fueled for fifteen years by weaving from her studio amidst terraces of lemon, olive and hazel trees facing the rugged mountains that overlook the Ebro river. Time passes and she reached a stage where age, climate and cultural identity led her to the Wild West coast of Ireland in 2014. Citrus fruits replaced by rhubarb and gooseberries, her studio now overlook the heather strewn Ox mountains. ATA plays a fundamental role in linking Jean, like many, to the international arts community, a collective which inspires and pushes boundaries for creative practitioners.