Jeane Vogel



“Fourth Wave”, from the COVID series, (2021) 13″ x 19″

Jeane Vogel’s Statement

My fiber work is primarily conceptual rather than pictorial, and often responds to issues confronting daily life, especially among those whose voices are often unheard. The COVID series is a physical narrative of the time during which it was designed and woven. The series was begun in March 2020 with the expectation that there would be only one piece — a commentary on the moment. Instead it has evolved to reflect each stage of our common experience. To date, 11 pieces have been woven, each reflecting the way we, as a community, are reacting, adapting, or rejecting this Pandemic. Each addresses a different stage and related emotions — sadness, fear, frustration, hope, determination, and a collective experience in which everyone is affected in one way or the other.

The titles of each piece need no additional explanation. The color red seems to be a persistent theme through many of the works. Red is anger, red is fear, red is frustration, red is danger, red is raising an alarm.

“Finding Our Way”, from the COVID series (2021) 13″ x 19″

Jeane Vogel’s Biography

Jeane Vogel is a multi-media artist who works in tapestry, mixed media, and photography. Issues of cultural identity, justice, feminine strength, and connection to antiquity are central to her art practice. Her work often responds to the world about her and incorporates traditions that are common to many cultures. 

She is keenly aware that fiber artists stand on the shoulders of thousands of generations of grandmothers who provided the basics of life, but didn’t forget to add the beauty to their cloth. Fiber work — tapestry and stitched works – attempt a calm, meditative practice. Jeane looks at tapestry as narrative art form, telling stories through symbols, colors, and patterns that evoke memories, stir emotions, and spark ideas..

“Hole in Our Hearts”, from the COVID series (2021) 10″ x 10″