Line Dufour
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Line Dufour’s Statement

People often ask me what has led me to weave tapestries. I tell them I didn’t choose it, it chose me. Some power other than what seems measurable by human means, seems to lead me on this pilgrimage.

The tapestries I have woven are separated into 3 main categories: the abstract, the representational and the three dimensional / experimental. I work my way around this spiral over the many years I have been weaving tapestries. The 2d and 3d tapestries seek to express some aspect or quality of emotion and the human experience. I try to create a visual reference to describe an emotion because for me words do not describe emotions entirely. The representational tapestries celebrate and praise the beauty of our incredible planet.

Line Dufour’s Biography

I am a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, the University Guelph and the University of Toronto.

My tapestries have been exhibited extensively. I have received numerous awards, grants and scholarships to pursue my weaving. My work can be found in many collections in Canada, and I have received several commissions for my work.

I have extensive teaching experience with people of all ages. I have I have taught art and art history and I continue to teach weaving to adults and have done so for the last 15 years.

Art and weaving magazines such as Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot and Southwest Art have spotlighted my work. A book entitled Tapestry, published by Phaidon Press and written in Great Britain by Barty Phillips placed me in the “Contemporary Masters” chapter. The National Post has also featured my work.