Liz Pulos
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Liz Pulos’ Statement

In the last year my work took baby steps away from realism and toward imagery that is more abstract and personal. This was a deliberate choice; one that was not easy. I had to impose constraints and rules on how I wove in order to break the habit of fidelity to how things really look.

Repetition with variation, so common in nature, provided a way to stray from my realistic roots. These three pieces are united by their reliance on repeating visual elements: rectangles and V’s in Just Around the Corner, blobs of color in Blanket, ovals and arcs in Chlorophyll and Blood.


Liz Pulos’ Biography

When I began graduate school in 1975 my daily walking route took me past a weaving shop. When a sign about classes appeared in the window, I signed up and was immediately smitten. For the next twenty years I experimented with color and weave structure to create interesting fabrics. For two years I was a resident artist at the Shelburne Craft School in Vermont. I took a hiatus from weaving when bread-winning trumped art-making, but now, in blissful retirement, I have returned to tapestry.