Lyn Hart
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Lyn Hart’s Statement

My tapestries reflect my deep connections with and love for the southwestern desert and mountain environments where I live and spend my time, manifesting my passion for the unique flora, fauna, colors, forms, and culture of these lands.

Naturally dyeing some of the wool I weave with is an integral part of my creative process, especially since I collect many dyestuffs from our desert and mountain properties. Natural dyeing is a spiritual alchemy: in the progression of the process, the secret colors plants contain are revealed. These colors enhance my weaving palette with their subtle and vibrant hues. I do not weave exclusively with wools. I include cotton, bamboo, silk, rayon, linen, and waxed linen if the design and effect I am seeking warrants it.

Lyn Hart’s Biography

I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. I began weaving in the form of basketry during a break in nursing school when I lived in Florida. After moving to Arizona, my nursing career took priority– I needed to learn about the Southwest’s culture and learn Spanish to better care for my patients. In taking further studies at the University of Arizona, I was exposed to Navajo weaving in a course that examined the origins of man in the southwest. As a result, I became interested in tapestry weaving and began to weave in my spare time. In 2005, I retired from my career as a labor & delivery/perinatal research nurse in order to pursue tapestry weaving full time.