Lynn Mayne
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Lynn Mayne’s Statement

Winged Things have been my main focus for the last several years.  The exotic and the ordinary birds and insects around us can be taken for granted.  As the human population grows and crowds out more and more species of the animal world it seems appropriate to single out individual creatures for attention.

I delight in nature’s seemingly endless source of artistic inspiration.  I’m concerned about the balance of wildlife and ecosystems, and realize how interdependent everything is on our planet earth.

Lynn Mayne’s Biography

My formal education was in English, but after learning to weave in the seventies, I have chosen to speak via my tapestries. Yarn and fabric have suited me better than words or paint. I took workshops and college level courses to learn tapestry weaving, often sponsored by local, state, and national guilds. I spent two weeks one summer learning from Michelle Mesnage in the south of France.  A few classes in art history and drawing helped me find my way.

I wrote a book, Fabric Games, published in 1978 after taking a weaving class with Millie Hines at Central Michigan University who regularly published how-to articles for craft magazines.  I had made a wall hanging game for my daughter out of fabrics, mostly felt, which I embroidered, and Millie took it to “Ladies Home Journal Needle & Craft,” a magazine which is no more.  An editor there encouraged me to write the book. I continue to weave and to exhibit my tapestries locally and nationally.