Lynn Mayne


(l) “The Performer” (2013) 24″ x 21″
(r) “Python Peril” (2014) 24″ x 18″

Lynn Mayne’s Statement

I weave tapestries with images from the world of nature with concern for its fragility.  Nature is a fascinating, endless source of artistic inspiration.  Alpha to Omega is an attempt to portray “the inevitability of impermanence.”   The bird of paradise plants appear in stages from a slender bud to an aging flower with brown shriveled petals.   I admit to anthropomorphic tendencies in depicting nature.  The maternal roseate spoonbill and the strutting egret do appear perhaps more human than animal.  

Lynn Mayne, "Alpha to Omega" 2017, 22" x 61"
“Alpha to Omega” (2017) 22″ x 61″

Lynn Mayne’s Biography

My formal education was in English, but after learning to weave in the seventies, I have chosen to speak through by tapestries.  My first weaving experience was on a picture frame loom in a museum class learning different tapestry techniques.

Workshops sponsored by an active Michigan weavers state wide guild gave me more practice and experience.  Some college level classes in art and weaving furthered my education.  Connections in Sarasota,  ATA, and Tapestry Weavers South have been important in my life.