Marleen Haezebrouck


Marleen Haezebrouck, "From this Inner Glow" (2009), 1440mm x 800mm: 3000€
“From this Inner Glow” (2009) 1440mm x 800mm: 3000€
Marleen Haezebrouck, "What Lies Beyond the Horizon?" (2015), 1060mm x 480mm: 2000€
“What Lies Beyond the Horizon?” (2015) 1060mm x 480mm: 2000€

Marleen Haezebrouck’s Statement

All my tapestries arise from personal emotions, impressions and ideas. I can be very impresssed by remote and desolate landscapes (deserts, altiplano, the sea…) and by the energy and beauty of nature. Events in my personal life and surroundings also inspire me. That’s why there’s a great diversity in my work.

I always start with small sketches or drawings. Later I work out the design in the exact colors, forms and proportions to match with my primary emotion or impression. This means a period of restless searching. I do not only want to weave a good-looking work of art, showing correct technical skills or nice colors and the right composition. My work should have a meaning, express an idea to respond to my mind’s picture. I work at a high-warp loom in 2-D or sometimes in 3-D. Although my favourite materials are a cotton warp and a woolen weft, I have also used flax for the weft in smaller sizes. Anyway I mostly use multiple wefts for color blending. I like intense colors and strong contrasts. The search for the right hues makes me feel like a painter: a painter with wool! Doing so, the creating process goes on at the loom and therefore remains fascinating till the end. Not many other activities give me a greater thrill.

Marleen Haezebrouck, "African Vibrations" (2004), 1500mm x 1350mm: 3500 €
“African Vibrations” (2004) 1500mm x 1350mm: 3500 €

Marleen Haezebrouck’s Biography

I was born in the Flemish speaking part of Belgium.  After some workshops I started spinning, dying wool and custom hand weaving on a shaft loom in the 80’s. At that time I had a full time job and two kids. So, there was not much time left for these activities. In the late 90’s I took a 3-years’ course of tapestry on Saturdays. I was fascinated! I discovered the greatest freedom of expression in this traditional Flemish textile technique. Later I took a 4-years’ course in Gent to learn more about most existing weaving techniques.

After I stopped working all my free time was devoted to travelling around the world with my husband and to working at one of my looms. Besides tapestry I still continue to weave scarves and smaller works, mainly using the Moorman technique on my shaft loom.