Martha Christian


Martha Christian, "Columnar Fossil" 2007, 31" x 49"
“Columnar Fossil” (2007) 31″ x 49″
Martha Christian, "Tennessee Topography" 2004, 80.5" x 79"
“Tennessee Topography” (2004) 80.5″ x 79″

Martha Christian’s Statement

I am intrigued by abstract art. I like the mental process of extracting a form from nature to create a new form that suggests rather than represents its origin. Many of my tapestries are inspired by aerial views, maps, or geologic details. Weaving’s inherently narrow depth of field lends itself to my emphasis on shape, color , and texture. A slight shift in one of these can change the entire composition. Keeping the design interestingly balanced is my ongoing challenge in each tapestry.

Martha Christian, "Memories' 2006, 51" x 30.5"
“Memories” (2006) 51″ x 30.5″

Martha Christian’s Biography

From childhood I expected to be an artist. After my B.F.A. from Syracuse University, I worked in the Design Department of Hallmark Cards. Another artist there introduced me to weaving and I connected to it immediately. Much later I realized it had merged my experience in sewing, painting, and organization. For a decade I sold items at craft fairs and shops before returning to school for an M.F.A. from the Memphis College of Art. There Henry Easterwood showed me the weaving skills and the esthetic rigor to discover a personal expression through tapestry. I belong to the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists, exhibit my work throughout the country, and have woven some large-scale liturgical tapestries. One recent tapestry appeared in the ATB 6 exhibition and catalogue and another in the Art of Tennessee exhibition and book.