Mary Jane Lord


Mary Jane Lord, "Guardian of Hearts" (2017), 20" x 20"
“Guardian of Hearts” (2017) 20″ x 20″
Mary Jane Lord, "Titan, detail" (2017), 20" x 20"
“Titan, detail” (2017) 20″ x 20″

Mary Jane Lord’s Artist Statement

I especially enjoy exploring color and pattern in tapestry, and am also drawn to animal imagery. Sometimes my designs are abstracted from that imagery, although for several years I have been making animal portraits. The goal is to identify a characteristic expression for each animal and see if I can capture it at the loom. At this point I guess you could call it a series, as there are ten completed portraits if you count the melancholy hermit crab, and cartoons are underway for four more pieces, including a very lovely farm mule. I chose the subject matter because these animals are close to my heart and I hope that comes across in each piece. But it’s the process I enjoy most, answering the question, what happens next.

Mary Jane Lord, "Triple Dog Joy" (2016), 20" x 20"
“Triple Dog Joy” (2016) 20″ x 20″

Mary Jane Lord’s Biography

I have been weaving off and on since I got a small rigid heddle loom for Christmas at age ten. I’ve been fortunate to study with terrific tapestry artists/ teachers at Penland and Arrowmont, and at workshops, including several put on by Tapestry Weavers South. Tallahassee, where I live, has wonderful exhibition venues. I have shown my work at city hall in mixed media juried shows, at the “Artport,” the dedicated airport art gallery in 2014, and at the Gadsden Art Center in nearby Quincy, Florida, where I had a show of about 15 tapestries in 2017 and have been included in a number of juried shows.