Mary Kircher



(l) “Bolder Boulder: Bradley Lake” (2016) 60″ x 30″
(r) “Maligne Canyon” (2016) 60″ x 30″

Mary Kircher’s Statement

The wilderness is my muse. It shows up constantly as inspiration in my artwork.  This series is tied together by amazing geologic formations that leave me awestruck.  The impact of ice and water is evident:  Erosion that started as a stream and turned into a canyon;  Glacial drift that rolled massive swath of stones in river beds and mountain sides; Glacial erratics are the remnants of glacial movement that carried giant boulders and dropped them randomly into the middle of a field;  or the northern Midwest patterned by remote glacial lakes.

My photos from Banff and Jasper National Parks in Canada or Glacier, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in the western united states are merely notes.  They never seem to reflect the majesty that I witnessed…crevices are deeper, rocks are bigger, the rollicking delight of the water.  My tapestries are derived from my photographs (that are merely notes) and enhanced to create the majesty that I experienced.

“Sedimentary” (2016) 60″ x 30″

Mary Kircher’s Biography

Mary Kircher is a fiber artist and textile designer specializing in hand weaving and custom dye techniques.  She incorporates several techniques in her work including woven shibori, ikat, double weave and tapestry.  Her tapestry work can also be found in handmade weaving journals.  Mary is a graduate of NC State University where she earned the Master of Art+Design degree.  She teaches workshops including:  Woven Shibori, Ikat and Weaving Journals.  Mary can be found in her Artspace studio in Raleigh, NC weaving and dyeing her next project.