Máximo Laura

Website: http://www.maximolaura.com/

Email: maximolaura@maximolaura.com

Maximo Laura, "Ritual de las Llamas" (Ritual of Llamas), 2007, 72.5" x 142"
“Ritual de las Llamas” (Ritual of Llamas) (2007) 72.5″ x 142″
Maximo Laura, "Espíritu mayor caminante" (Greater wayfarer spirit), 2009, 92" x 93.6"
“Espíritu mayor caminante” (Greater wayfarer spirit) (2009) 92″ x 93.6″

Máximo Laura’s Statement

My work is nourished by symbols, stories, traditions, rituals, experiences, and by permanently returning to admire the iconography of ancestral world cultures, especially Peruvian culture – which are extraordinary and fascinating. These experiences inspire me to discover, explore and absorb contemporary visual arts, which exist lavishly, choosing the one that moves me and fits the direction of my visions of totem images, of symbolic characters and landscapes, and of my experience; developing ancestral patterns that are essentially Andean.

The images are born in my long walks and travels; in exhibits, museums, galleries, books and multimedia information, which stimulate my creative spirit, leading me to near my encounter with vibrant and intense color, with elaborate and symbolic form, as well as with the refined technique of my tool: the loom. Followed by the search of a lyrical, spiritual, poetic language, product of this part of the continent and of this time.

Maximo Laura, "Anuncio del timepo de la cosecha" (Augur of the harvest time), 2001, 81.9" x 140.4"
“Anuncio del timepo de la cosecha” (Augur of the harvest time) (2001) 81.9″ x 140.4″

Máximo Laura’s Biography

Máximo Laura, Peruvian, is an internationally tapestry weaver recognized as one of South America’s pre-eminent textile artists and the pride of his country of birth. Consultant, designer and lecturer in Art and Contemporary Andean textile design. His work is in collections worldwide and has been exhibited 71 solo and numerous group shows. He has won awards in both national and international competitions including a UNESCO Prize for Latin America and the Caribbean (Spain, 1992), among others. He is co-founder of Iberoamerican Textile Network, member of ATA and ETN. Laura has a studio in Lima (Peru).