Minna Rothman

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"Migration 2015: The Wall" (2015), 31" x 24"
“Migration 2015: The Wall” (2015) 31″ x 24″
"Migration 2015: A Dream" (2015), 10" x 8"
“Migration 2015: A Dream” (2015) 10″ x 8″

Minna Rothman’s Artist Statement

I see a hand-woven tapestry as an art form that sometimes feels like a cross between painting and sculpture.  Just like a painting, traditional tapestry assumes a two dimensional form, but the process of fiber manipulation by the artist parallels an experience of sculpting a medium by hands.  Like in any art, tapestry weaving is a listening process that channels a creative flow that is most rewarding to me.

In designing a tapestry, a lot of preparative work takes place: from observation, drawing, photography and painting, to study of color, composition and a choice of material.  But I find that the interpretation of the design to be the most exciting part of creating a tapestry.

I present here three tapestries from the Migration 2015 series. In 2015, during my trip to Europe, the migration to West Europe reached crisis proportions leaving a profound impression on me.  As a result, a series of tapestries reflecting various aspects of the refugee’s life is created. In addition to color, I explore three elements in this series: geometrical fragments (symbolizing fragmentation of a refugee’s life), floating/broken lines (symbolizing time/space dimension of the refugee’s memories), and white knots symbolizing purity of the human soul.  A Dream  was inspired by a possibility of a journey in a search for better life.  The Wall was inspired by the barb-wire that the Hungarian government used to secure its borders against the migrants who were crossing in unprecedented numbers (in some instances 2000 in a few days). At the same time, other countries also started closing their borders building an impermeable wall between East and West.  Innocence Lost was inspired by the refugee children who lost their lives, innocence, and identity on a difficult journey.

"Migration 2015: Innocence Lost" (2016), 16" x 24"
“Migration 2015: Innocence Lost” (2016) 16″ x 24″

Minna Rothman’s Biography

Tapestry art became a full time passion of mine after my retirement from complex climate modeling. I took workshops with a number of tapestry artists and started weaving tapestries in 2013. Currently, my weaving and tapestry design work is under the mentorships of Elizabeth Buckley and Julia Mitchell.