Patti Kirch


“My Inner Peggy Surfacing” (2015) 10″ x 10″
Patti Kirch, "Schweitzer, Christmas Sunrise" (2015), 45.5" x 16.5"
“Schweitzer, Christmas Sunrise” (2015) 45.5″ x 16.5″

Patti Kirch’s Statement

My Inner Peggy Surfacing: A woman working in a man’s world, the mini series Agent Peggy Carter piqued my interest.  Surrounded by inspirational women like Sarah Swett and the fictional character, Agent Carter, I was ready to welcome my “Inner Art”.  Three thumbnails and my 20 minute sketch made up my Femme Fatal cartoon.

Schweitzer, Christmas Sunrise: A few years back with our daughters home for the holidays, I arose early Christmas morning and captured several pictures of the apricot sunrise from atop of Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho.  One of many special moments during that family holiday.  It took one year of weaving to complete this piece.

Colours I Like:  Kathe Todd Hooker assigned a challenge for me, to weave fades of the 12 Colours that I liked. Also to include formal Battage technique in three colour fades.  I loved weaving this piece, every ombre took me on a journey of “oh’s and aha’s, great for ocean/lake, blood red, golden wheat….. I wove this piece with ALV yarns. Before this study/assignment, I could not identify the colours that I liked and how much time that it took me to weave, build something up.  At the top of each ombre, I wove a personal touch, one of twelve letters spelling the title of the piece.

Patti Kirch, "Colours I Like" (2013), 26" x 8"
“Colours I Like” (2013) 26″ x 8″

Patti Kirch’s Biography

After I graduated from Iowa State University, BSc. Physical Ed. 1983, I married my wonderful husband Nick, moved to Richland, Washington, USA and began my Professional Tennis Teaching career.  Some of my favorite teachers have been Archie Brennan, Pam Patrie, Yael Lurie and Jean Pierre Larochette.  I am a mom of two brilliant young women, both 26 years old.

Art is my off-court activity.  The need for content in book arts, the need for cartoons in tapestry turns into a daily ritual of making journals and sketching for potential cartoons in tapestry.  Sketching strengthens the bridge between the paper, cartoon and the actual tapestry.