Program Information

Sarah Warren
“Earth and air: Pueblo Thunderbird”
9.5 x 9ins

ATA’s Artist Pages

ATA’s Artist Pages program offers an online venue for the work of a wide variety of contemporary artists. New and updated pages are added every month. Contact information for each artist is on their Artist Page.

How to participate in ATA’s Artist Pages

The Artist Pages Program is a benefit of ATA Circle Level Membership. Join ATAUpgrade your membership. To participate, email Sarah Warren, Artist Pages Manager: and include the following information:

  1. Your name as you want it to appear.
  2. Statement about the tapestries on your Artist Page in two well-written paragraphs.
  3. Your artistic biography in two well-written paragraphs.
  4. Your email address (optional).
  5. Your website address (optional).

You are allowed a maximum of three images. Image sizes should be: 700 to 900 pixels wide; 2000k file size or less; at a resolution of 300dpi. For each image submit the following information:

  1. The full title of the tapestry.
  2. The name of the .jpg or .gif file.
  3. The dimensions (in inches or mm) of your tapestry.
  4. The date of the tapestry.
  5. The price of the tapestry (optional). The pricing information will be included in the caption for the image.

Your Artist Page will be on-line for a one-year term and will remain there as long as you maintain your Circle level membership. You can update your page every year at the time of your renewal, as long as you are a Circle Member. Submission of images to the Artist Pages program constitutes your permission for ATA to duplicate or reproduce the submitted images for publicity and promotional purposes, including the internet.