Ruth Manning



(l) “Artificial Tears” (2020) 9″ x 12″
(r) “Prism Sticker” (2020) 9″ x 12″

Ruth Manning’s Statement

Artificial Tears and Prism Sticker complete Adaptations, a series dealing with the recent changes in my vision, affecting the way I see the world.
Hallway Transitions, part of my series Substitute Tales, shows the brief time between classes and the energy created in the movement of sound and bodies.

Both series can be seen in full on my website.

“Hallway Transitions” Panel 1 (2020), 22″ x 9″

Ruth Manning’s Biography

Ruth Manning is an artist who lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Her studio is the space that surrounds her, wherever she may be. She observes life and translates these experiences into visual art by drawing, painting, and weaving. Her ideas are inspired by people, how they alter their surroundings, spend their time, and construct their conversations. The artwork you see here is the result of this observation.