Ruth Manning



(l) “Infusion” (2019) 4″ x 12″
(r) “Eyes Shut” (2019) 4″ x 9″

Ruth Manning’s Statement

These pieces are part of my ongoing series, Adaptations. I’m exploring personal stories of adaptation as I adjust to a sudden change in my vision and the way I interpret the world. At the same time, this point of view has caused adaptations to my weaving practice, with focus on holes, exposed threads, and new fibers.

Ruth Manning, "Prisms" (2019), 8" x 7"
“Prisms” (2019) 8″ x 7″

Ruth Manning’s Biography

Ruth Manning is an artist who lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Her studio is the space that surrounds her, wherever she may be. She observes life and translates these experiences into visual art by drawing, painting, and weaving.