Ruth van Doren


Ruth van Doren, "Geology 101" (2002), 50" x 60"
“Geology 101″ (2002) 50″ x 60”
Ruth van Doren, "Schooner Beach (detail)" (2015), 8" x 22"
“Schooner Beach (detail)” (2015) 8″ x 22″

Ruth van Doren’s Statement

My studies in art, crafts and sciences and my love of nature are the engine that drives my work. “Loonscape,” “Geology 101,” and “Schooner Beach” are fiber expressions that I hope engage the viewer in seeing the interconnectedness of all life.  Trained as a biologist and visual artist, I have worked in a variety of media, one leading naturally to another. Experimenting with how diverse materials can be combined is what sustains my interest and keeps me returning to tapestry as translator from one world to another.

Ruth van Doren, "Loonscape" (1975), 60" x 70"
“Loonscape” (1975) 60″ x 70″