Sara Hairston Rahe


(l) “House” (2021) 9″ x 9″ (r) “Fire” (2021) 12″ x 11″

Sara Hairston Rahe’s Statement

My work is based on repetition and pattern. Form grows on form in a meiotic process. Geometric and swirling interwoven shapes reference viscera, flora and fauna and architecture. My pieces are unapologetically feminine, colorful and intensive.

I find comfort in the hypnotic repetition of my process and the beauty and history of my materials. I am inspired by women who have stitched and woven their stories throughout history. With needles and thread, I am essentially mending my wounds with my art, healing through tactile expression.

“Cloud” (2021) 11″ x 11″

Sara Hairston Rahe’s Biography

I have made art since childhood and went on to study Painting at the Massachusetts College of Art and gained my Masters of Fine Arts in
1999 from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. I taught art at Montclair University and the Boston Center for Adult Education and have shown my work in shows nationally and internationally.

I have always drawn and painted but also had an interest in fiber arts, teaching myself to spin and dye yarn, crochet soft sculpture, embroider and weave. Tapestry weaving has become a perfect conduit between my love for image making with drawing and working with fibers in my art practice.