Sharon Hogg



(l) “High Noon” (2012) 40″ x 48″
(r) “The Seventh Sense” (2013) 72″ x 40″

Sharon Hogg’s Artist Statement

My work is a collage of process. I incorporate tapestry with weaving and embroidery, with wood panels, oil and encaustic paints and found objects. No shrinking violet, the strength of the tapestry medium lends a unique and strong voice to this collaged chorus. Sometimes the anchor, sometimes the backbone, sometimes the center of attention, it is my intent to integrate tapestry into my larger works and installations.

High Noon, from the series Ex Kathedra, is a weighty but delicate balance; a tipping point with consequences. The red canoe is woven carefully, but not infallibly, into a vessel for negotiating a world, that can go from strong and serene to capsized and soaked, in the blink of an eye. The Seventh Sense, from the series Sunday  2PM is an installation of woolen tapestry, linen lace, embroidered window screen and gym weights. The small figure of woolen tapestry finds itself under pressure between a screen and a curtain, a filter and a diffuser; and under this pressure she/he finds grace. Beneath the Long Grass, from The Constructed Canvas series presents an acute awareness of something that lies beneath. A strong underlying structure of jute, hemp and manila tapestry provides a clearly evident means of construction; a way for me to examine what lies beneath my conscious awareness of the land.

So you can see that tapestry has a solid, if not central, place in my practice and it is here to stay. The contemplative speed of tapestry weaving fits well in amongst the many processes and much media in my collaged works and installations.

Sharon Hogg, "Beneath the Long Grass" (2014), 48" x 60"
“Beneath the Long Grass” (2014) 48″ x 60″

Sharon Hogg’s Biography

Sharon Hogg is a visual artist based in Calgary, Alberta and Lombardy, Ontario, Canada. She is a recent graduate with a BFA from the Alberta College Of Art + Design where she was awarded the Board of Governors Graduating Student Award. Her works are material laden artifacts rather than pure imagery, or pure textile. They incorporate scenes, emotions, materials and images curated from the family, industry and outdoor adventures of her life. Throughout the work there is an ongoing material tie to the lands of “her Canada” specifically the prairies and foothills of Alberta and the wild rocky shores of Ontario.

Her works have been shown in solo exhibitions such as The Accumulated Landscape, Marion Nicoll Gallery and group shows such as Coming Up Next Emerging Alberta Artists at the Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton, garnered both artistic and academic awards, and are included in corporate collections across Canada.