Sherri Woodard Coffey



(l) “ZigZag” (2014) 62″ x 29″
(r) “Door” (2014) 50″ x 28″

Sherri Woodard Coffey’s Statement

Bold colors and abstract patterns are the driving force in my work. Whether inspiration comes from the influences of ancient civilizations, forms in nature or modern architectural lines, the result is vibrant color infused with energy. Each piece tells its own story through the interplay of hand-dyed wool yarns and the varying weaving techniques of tapestry, weft-faced ikat, and gradations of color.

Sherri Woodard Coffey, "Illusion" (2013), 49" x 28"
“Illusion” (2013) 49″ x 28″

Sherri Woodard Coffey’s Biography

My grandmother was a painter, and in school, I was considered an “artist” because I could draw fairly well. Fabrics were always an important part of my family; we girls all learned to sew at an early age. That interest in textiles continued as an adult; eventually I bought my first small loom, happily weaving fabrics, thinking that I would weave for clothing. During one wonderful spring, I took a natural dye class with Michele Wipplinger, and fell in love with dyeing. For Christmas that year, I decided to weave a saddle blanket for my father, dyeing the yarns with the only colors I felt confident about: cochineal (red) and indigo. This was my first weft-faced weaving, and I loved it. I later took a tapestry class with Rebecca Bluestone and continued my tapestry studies. I had found my weaving home!