Sue Weil



Sue Weil, "Leaving a World for Our Children" (2017), 38: x 25.5"
“Leaving a World for Our Children” (2017) 38″ x 25.5″
Sue Weil, "Americal United | America Divided" (2018), 23" x 29"
“America United | America Divided” (2018) 23″ x 29″

Sue Weil’s Statement

Through my art, I seek to find balance between active engagement in events surrounding us, and the periodic need to retreat for reflection and self-renewal. I weave tapestries with an eye toward lending beauty and a sense of quiet to the places these works inhabit. However, while some of my works reflect an inner call for peace, other tapestries may address the intensifying discord in our world. Recent themes have included such issues as climate change, immigration, #MeToo, racial inequities, and the critical need to create a world in which our children can thrive.

I’ve been told that the weight, line and balance in my pieces reflect an architect’s sensibility. Feeling that often less is more, my designs are intentionally spare, exploring rhythm and asymmetry in bold compositions. Weaving attracts me for its simplicity: two opposing sets of threads twining together to create a whole. Working at the loom provides me the opportunity to sit in the stillness of my thoughts, allowing my hands to think.

Sue Weil, "Rising Seas and Wildfires: Our Planet in Crisis" (2018), 69" x 62"
“Rising Seas and Wildfires: Our Planet in Crisis” (2018) 69″ x 62″

Sue Weil’s Biography

Sue Weil earned her Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude in Social Anthropology from Harvard University, taking many studio art classes alongside her academic studies. Early in her career, she wove one-of-a-kind fabric for her line of women’s clothing which was sold in galleries and boutiques and was regularly featured the Chicago edition of Women’s Wear Daily. After leaving the field for a couple of decades, in 2011, Sue returned to weaving, this time with a focus on tapestry.

Combining Sue’s interests in anthropology and art, she finds herself especially drawn to weaving’s cultural universality, noting the connection between ancient and modern cultures through solving the need for warmth and beauty by manipulating fiber to create cloth, rugs and tapestries. Sue is especially drawn to the sensual, tactile warmth of the fibers and the way the image draws the viewer beneath the surface. Her works have appeared in international exhibitions as well as many venues throughout the US, including appearing in a number of ATA’s juried exhibitions. Additionally, Sue has been featured in numerous solo shows in the San Francisco Bay Area.