Sylvia Feinstein



Sylvia Feinstein, "Leviticus II" (2011), 47" x 69"
“Leviticus II” (2011) 47″ x 69″
Sylvia Feinstein, "Esther" (2010), 66" x 45"
“Esther” (2010) 66″ x 45″

Sylvia Feinstein’s Statement

I express my inner and spiritual values through Biblical images. Although my tapestries are based on Biblical themes, I do not pretend to describe the story but to capture the drama of the scene and its characters in a contemporary abstract artwork using an ancient technique.

I learned the the traditional French technique of Aubusson and Gobelin tapestries, enriched by the contributions of new materials and modern ideas of our century, and it was through the contact with this old yet new medium I finally felt I was accomplishing the goal of expressing my inner artistic and spiritual world. It allowed me to bring together the aesthetics in composition with the passion for the medium. The abstract compositions on Biblical themes juxtapose strong painterly textures and delicate woven threads which can evoke a sense of a dynamic storm or tranquil balance.

Sylvia Feinstein, "During the Holocaust: II" (2012), 69" x 55"
“During the Holocaust: II (2012) 69″ x 55”

Sylvia Feinstein’s Biography

Sylvia Feinstein was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she was awarded her BA in Fine Arts (1967) at Manuel Belgrano School of Art. She continued studies in painting, etching and ceramics and expanded her preferred medium completing her studies in weaving at the “Aroztegui’s Advanced School of Weaving Art”, in Montevideo, as well as post graduate studies at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Since 1977, Ms. Feinstein has made her permanent home in Israel. She has participated in over 60 individual and group exhibitions and her works have been selected to be shown in many Municipal and National Art Events in Argentina and Uruguay, as well as in various art competitions in Israel.