2007 Tommye Scanlin

The ATA Award presented at Tapestry Weavers South’s Southern Yarns Exhibition proudly goes to Tommye McClure Scanlin for her “Legacy of Operation Ranch Hand: Tree Fragments.” Selection by Stephen Aimone, author of DESIGN: A Lively Guide to Design Basics for Artists and Craftspeople.

Tommye McClure Scanlin "Legacy of Operation Ranch Hand: Tree Fragments, " 30" x 12"

Stephen Aimone states: “Legacy of Operation, Ranch Hand: Tree Fragments” is eloquent on many levels. Compositionally, the tapestry is masterful—balanced and resolved in a way that is not completely discernable, but keeps the viewer engaged. It is full of visual tension . . . beautifully countered by relationships that unify: a warm-cold complementary color contrast of blue and orange, and a uniformity that results from the textural quality of the weaving. . . The work is constructed on an underlying grid. This kind of structure, and the geometry of the square, might be interpreted as a metaphor for an idealized, predictable order that we all crave in life. In contrast, Scanlin’s tree fragments are completely organic, one of a kind. These speak poetically of the individual—imperfect, having evolved into being, very much alive, flowing in response to their environment and to one another . . . Textual references, stenciled on the wooden bar at the top furnish the narrative clues.