2008 Alexandra Friedman

“Flow 3” by Alexandra Friedman received an ATA Award during the exhibition TWiNE 2008: A Contemporary Look at Tapestry, Sept 5 – Oct 6 2008, on display at the River Tree Center for the Arts in Kennebunk, Maine www.rivertreearts.org

Alex Friedman, "Flow 3," photo: Alex Friedman

Alexdra Friedman, “Flow 3″ 2007, 50″ x 43”

Artist’s Statement 

Working from a studio in Sausalito, California, Alex Friedman, with a wall of multi colored yarns nearby to inspire her, hand weaves vibrant tapestries that explore non-traditional themes.

She initially became a tapestry weaver when she was hired to work on a large commission to weave a set of tapestries for a fleet of jumbo jets. Finding tapestry to be a very interesting medium to explore, she has maintained a studio for over 30 years producing tapestries on commission for commercial, liturgical and residential customers as well as creating speculative pieces that she has exhibited internationally.

She says, “The Flow Series represents a change in direction in my work. For a long time I have been aware of tapestry as a construction project with the accompanying sculptural possibilities.

By keeping within the traditionally defined boundaries of tapestry (weft faced, discontinuous weft) and exploring the process of tapestry weaving, I am experimenting to see what happens when the boundaries are pushed, technically and materially. The third dimension is not fully realized until the tapestry is cut from the loom and the shapes, released from a long period of increasing tension, begin to form.”

“Flow 3” is one of the larger pieces in the current series and as she is still concerned that its identity remain as textile, she has incorporated reference to past textile language as well.

Alex Friedman was born and raised in San Francisco but has lived abroad for many years until recently.

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