2009 Pat Williams

The ATA Award was proudly presented to Pat Williams for her tapestry “Bugs on Parade” at the exhibition Woven Visions organized by Tapestry Weavers South at the Anderson Arts Center, 110 Federal St., Anderson SC 29625, Aug 28 thru Oct 16, 2009.

Pat Williams, "Bugs on Parade," 2009, 18 " x 38.5 Seine twine warp; weft: wool, silk, novelty yarns

Artist’s Statement

On trips, it is my habit to keep a sketchbook in my purse and draw during wait times. In it, for some reason, I frequently make up weird bugs. This is a bug collage, and the “Little Man” is a commentary on bugs as co-animals.

Biographical Information

Living in northeast Georgia, in a rural area, I am now retired from teaching art in a public  high school and practice designing and weaving almost every day. For me, tapestry is deeply compelling in its complexity of texture, depth of color, and ability to convey my intentions.

Artist’s website: http://web.mac.com/patwilli1/